KACMUN: Empowering Young Minds in Global Affairs

Have you ever wondered how the United Nations tackles global challenges? Are you a high school student interested in international relations and diplomacy? If so, then KACMUNS might be the perfect program for you!

This article explores KACMUN, the Korean American Coalition Model United Nations program. We’ll delve into what it is, the benefits of participating, and how to get involved.

What is KACMUN?

The Korean American Coalition Model United Nations (KACMUNS) is an after-school program designed to introduce high school students, particularly those in underserved communities, to the world of international relations and diplomacy. Through simulated UN conferences, students take on the roles of diplomats, representing different countries and debating pressing global issues.

Benefits of Participating in KACMUN

KACMUN offers a multitude of benefits for participating students, including:

  • Developing Critical Thinking Skills: Students learn to analyze complex issues, consider different perspectives, and form well-supported arguments.
  • Enhancing Research Skills: KACMUNS participants research assigned countries and topics, developing valuable research skills that will benefit them throughout their academic careers.
  • Improving Public Speaking Skills: Students gain confidence and experience in public speaking by presenting their country’s position and negotiating with other delegates.
  • Boosting College Applications: Participation in KACMUNS demonstrates a commitment to global citizenship and leadership, making it a valuable addition to college applications.

How Does KACMUN Work?

KACMUNs operates similarly to real Model United Nations conferences. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Program Structure: KACMUNs typically holds weekly meetings after school, focusing on research, developing positions, and practicing negotiation and public speaking skills.
  • Resolution Drafting: Through collaboration, committees draft resolutions that address the issue at hand.
  • Voting and Adoption: Committees vote on the drafted resolutions, aiming for consensus or majority approval.

Who Can Participate in KACMUN?

KACMUN is typically open to high school students, especially those in underserved communities.


  • Do I need prior experience in Model UN to participate? No prior experience is necessary!
  • How do I find a KACMUN program near me? You can search online for “KACMUNs programs” or contact your local high school or community center to see if they offer a program.


KACMUN offers a valuable learning experience for high school students, empowering them to become informed and engaged global citizens. By participating in simulated UN conferences, students develop critical thinking, research, public speaking, and teamwork skills, all while gaining a deeper understanding of global issues and the importance of international cooperation.

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